Lead and We Will Follow.

If the owner want stand firm on standards what are you to do. How can you expect someone else to care about your stuff if you don't. I understand it's hard to find good Drivers but you have to have some standards. I'm a proud father of 2 girls and I want them to compare every potential mate to me. You see I take good care of my girls. I always open the door for them. I call them my Princesses  and no need goes unmet. They've never seen me be abusive to their mom and I've always worked and provided for them. As a business owner you have to see your business just as one of your children. You have to be willing to sacrifice your needs so it can survive and grow. People like to be led not managed.

Raise Your Standards

Do you have standards or do you just stand. Some days I just want to just lower my standards and just let anything go. Other days I raise the bar and know one can reach the standard. How do you find the sweet spot? When you're a Professional Trucker there are times when the bar want be held too high but you better believe when those times come you will be the one who loses. When your employer has no standards you better believe what they offer you is second rate to what they do for themselves or their family. If you hold yourself to high standards don't drop them just because of where you are employed. 

Below Zero Trucking

I sure am glad i'm fortunate enough to have a warm place to live and work. In today's world theirs lots off Americans that can't say that.  The temperatures have been bone chilling the last few days here in Virginia. The kids haven't been to school in the past couple of days and  pop up warming  stations have been the talk of the town. The cold snap has also caused major havoc on trucking companies that haven't properly winterized their trucks. Professional Drivers should make sure that the fuel you put in your trucks are treated especially if your company has its own fueling stations on your yard. You can buy anti gelling products at most super centers or at all truck stops from 7 to $13 for 32 oz bottle that will treat 100 gallons of fuel. 

Be Your Own Boss

The past couple of days I've been viewing a documentary on the Titans of modern business on you tube. Andrew Carnegie,  J P Morgan, Commodore Vanderbilt, and John D Rockefeller were true visionaries. All except J P Morgan started with nothing but they had heart and foresight to see what was coming around the corner. They were all considered to be ruthless business men and for the most part thought nothing about those that worked for them. These men were true entrepreneurs that when they got a glimpse of the future trends they didn't stop until they dominated all competition. While watching this 4 part documentary that took 6 hours to watch seen how ingenuity and insight are so important to creating a strong business. At the same time you have to think about those who are helping you build your business also(employees). In this new year dare to dream and create your own future. Being a Trucker the barriers to entry are minimal and if you're disciplined you can make it. 

Give Love

What's the greatest gift that you've ever given. Have you ever given someone a gift that they didn't deserve. Have you ever received a gift that you didn't deserve. I know I've been the recipient of a couple of those gifts. This time of year is a time when we can get caught up in what we get from others instead of the great gift that was given to us. As a nation we've lost sight that Jesus is the reason for the season and not santa clause. So this season give more of you and show more love.